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The death of a close friend or relative usually leads to a funeral and so it is never anything that anyone can celebrate. As you continue to read this blog then you will get to learn on the proper etiquette that needs to be carried out during a funeral which in most cases does not happen. Rudeness is one of the bad behaviors that can be found within a funeral setting whereas a group of other people are grieving. In order for a funeral to be pleasant to everyone present in the ceremony then there has to be proper etiquette and so as to learn more no how to go about that, you should continue to read this blog.

Here is a list of some of the things that you should have in mind the next time that you attend a funeral. If you are seeking to carry out proper etiquette during a burial ceremony then you should start by being there at the expected time as highlighted in this blog. It is usually quite disrespectful to show up at a burial ceremony late. One of the other ways that you can have good etiquette at a funeral, according to this blog, is by arriving quite earlier than the scheduled time and this allows you to interact with the people that are present for the funeral.

This blog also advises that in order for you to avoid showing any disrespect during a funeral such as is the case of a ringing phone, you should always consider leaving your smartphone behind. If you have to carry your mobile phone during a funeral then you should always remember to keep it switched off or set it to silent mode so that it does not cause any disturbances. In the event where your attendance would cause discomfort to the family of the deceased regardless of your previous relationship with the deceased, it is advisable that you do not attend the funeral at all. Make sure that you get to dress well and very appropriately for the burial ceremony. Another proper etiquette that you should always remember to carry out during a funeral is to sit at the right place without causing any inconvenience.

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