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Tips to Maintain Your Indoor Plants.

As early as two millenniums away, humans were sharing their homes with plants. This was in Ancient Rome and people were using decorative plants even before them. Because of the long history human beings have had with plants in their space, one would think that by now everyone would be good at taking care of them. However, it is not the case judging from the number of indoor plants which have ended up dead. This is why some are always looking for easier ways to keep indoor plants alive. There are a number of ways you can do better. Just like human beings need food and water, plants require water and light. If you have heard of photosynthesis, then you know it is how the plants make their own food and it can only happen if they have a good supply of food. Even so, the light needs to be controlled because much of it will cause a drying effect whereas too little will cause starvation. Placing your plant next to an open window will ensure they get just enough light to manufacture their food. Just like you wouldnt take water that has chemicals in it, do not give it to plants because it will kill them. Use rainwater or spring water. If you would like to use tap water in watering the plants, get a faucet filter so that it can remove the chlorine.

If you want to hack how to prevent the death of your indoor plants, you need to remember that drainage is important. In this way, the plant does not end up drowning. Under the soil of all potted plants where the pot does not have drainage holes, you should add a material to absorb the excess water. You will get many suggestions on what to use including peanuts, charcoal, pebbles and also stones. Given that the penetration of water in anything fine is much better than when the particles are coarse, ensure the choice you make involves something finer than what soil is. A lot of potting soil is made by combining sand, clay and silt. The clay particles are extremely fine and this is what you need. Do not forget how important it is to prevent drowning of the potted plant. Better growth and health for your plants require regular pruning. It is recommended that this should be done every year. The need is greater when the temperatures drop. This is how the unhealthy, weak and sickly parts are removed. Additionally, it prevents a top-heavy or a lopsided look. If you are not careful, the lopsided effect will be the end of your plant because the end result will be a collapse. Minimal growth is registered in plants when it is cold which is why you should prune during winter or the equivalent depending on where you are.

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